School Visits

I can visit your school either in person or through a Skype visit. I offer a variety of programs for elementary school students, with some geared toward younger students and others focused on the interests of older students. I also offer presentations for parents and educators on subjects like working with students with dyslexia and the importance of shared reading. See my current listing of available presentations below.

Please use the form on the Contact Don Winn page to request more information about scheduling a school visit.

Presentations for Younger Students

Perfect for grades K-3! The optional workshop on “How to Write an Animal Fable” can be adapted for students in grades 4 and 5 as well. This author visit includes:

  • Picture book readings with projected pictures
  • Q&A with students
  • Book sales at a discounted price
  • Book signing
  • Optional illustrated slide presentation on “Bringing Great Stories to Life,” which summarizes the process of making a book from the initial idea, to writing and rewriting, editing, working with an illustrator, designing the layout, printing and binding
  • Optional workshop on “How to Write an Animal Fable,” where your students can learn the various parts of a fable and then outline a draft of their own animal fable
  • Supplemental learning materials available on the Resources page

Presentations for Older Students

Your students in grades 3-5 can get a feel for medieval adventure with the multiple-award-winning Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series. This presentation includes:

  • Illustrated historical details about medieval life, featuring information on castles, knights, peasants, nobility, medieval medicine, medieval libraries, medieval construction methods, plumbing, food, art, hunting, and much more!
  • Q&A with students
  • Book signing and sales at a discounted price
  • Visits can be adapted for different age groups and special needs
  • Special opportunity: For a limited number of select schools see a bird of prey up close with a co-visit by a local falconer and learn some fascinating facts about these magnificent birds and their importance in medieval times.

Presentations for Parents and Educators

These two presentations are also great for PTAs and PTOs!

Discuss, Understand, Grow!

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of the time you spend reading with your child? Children’s picture book author and shared reading advocate Don Winn is here to help. In his presentation “Discuss, Understand, Grow!” he addresses the following topics:

  • Why does shared reading have such an impact on a child?
  • The best ways to help children benefit from shared reading
  • What children remember the longest about shared reading
  • Using different types of questions
  • Creating active thinkers
  • Dealing with unexpected replies from kids
  • Helping children find positive role models in stories
  • Using stories to help kids make decisions before a situation arises
  • And much more!

Dyslexic Readers: Meeting Challenges, Reaping Rewards

A dyslexic reader and writer, Don Winn speaks first-hand of the challenges of the written word and how he’s come to embrace it. Don offers resources and information for understanding and motivating the at-risk, struggling reader. Current data and strategies from Yale University shed new light on ways to help a unique group of students.