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Author Don M. Winn is available as a dyslexia keynote speaker for your group, retreat, workshop, or conference. He specializes in various topics related to dyslexia, reading, writing, parenting, children’s education, and many others. He is also available to address PTA/PTO groups on educational matters relating to dyslexia and reading. Please contact him using the form below to find out more information. Scroll down to see highlights from his keynote address at the 2019 Central Texas Dyslexia Conference.

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Don M. Winn, Dyslexia Keynote Speaker at the 2019 Central Texas Dyslexia Conference

Here are some video highlights from Don’s keynote address at the Central Texas Dyslexia Conference in October 2019.

Testimonials for Don Winn, Keynote Speaker

“On behalf of ALTA Texas, I’d like to personally thank you for supporting this year’s annual virtual conference! Without your valuable contributions, we wouldn’t have been able to deliver informative topics covering reading comprehension, dyslexia best practices, awareness in the school system and much more.”
Isabel Prado
ALTA Organizer
“I continue to hear so many positive comments. Thank you so much for an exceptional presentation!”
G-g Shryer
"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. Thank you for your time, and more importantly, enlightening us on what it’s like “inside the mind” of a dyslexic child. One of the things I see lacking for my students are books like yours, which have a “hero of self-reference” as the protagonist. I am excited to order one of your Sir Kaye books to use with a particular student of mine!"
Jamie Harris
"Your presentation was so inspirational and informative. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and story."
Nichole Terry
"Thank you for that great presentation. I felt you were directly talking about some of my kiddos."
Sonya Galvan
"Thank you, Don! I enjoyed your presentation today at the Summit. You presented very important and valuable information that we all need to hear or be reminded of. I am a private Dyslexia Therapist and am currently building my library to meet the needs of kids with a wide range of abilities and interests. Thank you again for all you do! Because of your own experience with dyslexia, you are helping to change the lives of kids today! What a blessing that is!"
Kim Clark
"Heard you once before at an Austin TX Central Texas Dyslexia Conference a few years ago. Both times I enjoyed and felt affirmed and encouraged."
Rhonda Alm
"I'm always looking for books to share with my students! Thank you for all the different ways you contribute to helping others!"
Leslie Patterson
"What you had to share was impactful and gave me great optimism for my students."
Soraya Marbury