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Author Don Winn is on Instagram. Here are links to featured articles from his Instagram feed about dyslexia, parenting, and his books.

Learn why workplace anxiety is so common among adult dyslexics and some tips that can help make things more manageable.

Read the full article: Dyslexia Anxiety in the Workplace. (audio available)

Getting lost in the moment can be described as being so immersed in something, usually something enjoyable, that you completely lose track of all time. Distractions ebb away, as do all other concerns. Everything else in your life is put on hold. If you’re an adult, chances are those lost-in-time moments are few and far between. It may even begin to feel like a selfish indulgence since we have so many responsibilities. Interestingly, according to an article published by Harvard University back in 2011, this can become a significant source of unhappiness.

Read the full article: Getting Lost in the Moment. (audio available)

Read my May 2021 Don Winn Author Newsletter about Teaching Kids to Manage Worry and Anxiety. It also has articles on long-term strategies for reducing reading anxiety, supporting kid with dyslexia emotionally, and a new type of packaging of reading instruction techniques that parents might want to be aware of.

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Read my March 2021 Don Winn Author Newsletter about Self-Care for Families. Learn why it’s important for parents to prioritize self-care, how they can model it for their kids, and tips for practicing self-care as a family. Interesting fact: reading together with your kids can function as an important form of self-care.

This article on Self-Care for Families features highlights from a recent interview with psychologist Dr. Dan Peters about the importance of self-care for parents and for families and why we need to model this for our kids.

Read my January 2021 Newsletter and how to meet the psychological challenges of distance learning, discover the power of stories during difficult times, and figure out if your child has too much homework.

Check out my November 2020 Newsletter and find out how to get a free eBook! My short children’s novel Mystery of the White Knight is available from Amazon for free from November 2-November 6 only!

This newsletter also features a great interview by Yurika Vu about raising a happy child despite reading difficulties and an interview with reading specialist Faith Borkowsky about helping kids with dyslexia and other learning difficulties during distance learning.

And don’t forget to check out the November Newsletter for a gift guide with featured kids’ books by Don M. Winn!

Author Don Winn is on Instagram. Here are links to featured articles from his Instagram feed about dyslexia, parenting, and his books.