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Award-Winning Picture Books by Don M. Winn

Cardboard Box Adventures award-winning picture books by Don M. Winn are modern fables for learning and teaching important life lessons. Each book is designed to help parents turn children into readers by teaching valuable literacy and pre-literacy skills. Ideal for shared reading time, each story has a list of questions for discussion at the end to help parents engage their children’s minds and teach them not to be passive receivers of entertainment, but to think about what they’ve read both analytically and creatively—or “outside the book.”

Most of the picture books are available in softcover, hardcover, and e-book formats. (See individual book pages for detailed information.) Contact CBA Publishing for information on bulk discounts (up to 40% off) on picture books. Find out how Don Winn’s picture books can help build a good pre-literacy foundation.

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Cover of the award-winning picture book Space Cop Zack, Protector of the Galaxy by Don M. Winn

Space Cop Zack, Protector of the Galaxy

Don M. Winn

Zack and his robot sidekick GARG are after the nefarious Doctor Dogbreath. Will they catch him in time?

This is a story about using the imagination to have fantastic adventures at home. This is the first of Zack and GARG’s adventures.

Space Cop Zack, GARG's Secret Mission

Don M. Winn

GARG is missing! When Zack learns that he’s on a secret mission that has gone wrong, he sets out to help GARG and Space Princess Dendra to save the day.

This is the second account of Zack and GARG’s adventures. Each Space Cop Zack book has an illustration at the end that kids can use to match real-life objects with characters and events from Zack’s imaginative adventures.

Space Cop Zack, The Lost Treasure of Zandor

Don M. Winn

It’s a race against time as Zack and GARG try to find a treasure in one of the many caves of the Colossal Cliffs of Pantera. Will they find it, or will the nefarious Captain and his terrible trio of minions find it first?

This is the third and final account of Zack and GARG’s adventures.

There's a Monkey in My Backpack!

Don M. Winn

A story to help kids understand dyslexia as third-grader Anna recounts the difficulties and strengths that her constant companion (a monkey symbolizing dyslexia) causes in her life.

The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon

Don M. Winn

This is a story about learning and learning difficulties and how a caring teacher can make a world of difference and help a struggling student realize there are many ways to learn and many tools available to help with learning.

Chipper the Clown

Don M. Winn

A story about following your dreams and the importance of asking the right people for help along the way.

Chipper and the Unicycle

Don M. Winn

Chipper is back and he’s looking for a new act!

He travels the world, meeting clowns from many countries, and decides that a unicycle is the best new act for him.

But learning to ride a unicycle is hard! In this story, Chipper learns the importance of perseverance and how everyone fails at first when learning something new.


Don M. Winn

A story about heroism and how being a hero doesn’t mean fighting villains but means helping others and being there for them when they need you.

Written as a tribute to the author’s dad and all the dads who are the everyday superheroes for their kids.

Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge

Don M. Winn

Twitch is a bold and daring squirrel! He can do anything. He doesn’t understand why his parents won’t let him cross the old bridge to the tree full of acorns.

This is a story about respecting parents’ rules that are meant to keep kids safe. It’s also about how kids can respect those rules and still have fun.

The Tortoise and the Hairpiece

Don M. Winn

Jake the tortoise is afraid to make new friends. He thinks he won’t fit in because he doesn’t have any hair. Then he learns that true friends value you for who you are, not what you look like.

The Incredible Martin O'Shea

Don M. Winn

Martin may look like an ordinary student in school . . . but in his daydreams, he’s incredible! There’s nothing he can’t do or be.

But his daydreams affect his performance in school and he learns that paying attention in school can help him make his daydreams into reality, because learning opens the door to everything.

Shelby the Cat

Don M. Winn

Shelby the cat is kind and caring to all the smaller animals in his neighborhood. But the alley cats hate that because it makes them look bad. They want Shelby to change, but will he?

This is a story about resisting negative peer pressure and being true to what is most important to you.

The Watch Cat

Don M. Winn

Everyone laughs at the Watch Cat. Whoever heard of a watch cat? Until one day he saves the day. Find out how, in The Watch Cat.

The Don M. Winn Cardboard Box Adventures Picture Book Collections

Don M. Winn

Four of the award-winning picture books featured on this page in one volume.

Volume 1 includes The Tortoise and the Hairpiece, The Incredible Martin O’Shea, The Watch Cat, and Shelby the Cat.

Volume 2 includes Chipper the Clown, Chipper and the Unicycle, Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge, and The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon.

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