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As a dyslexic, reading was (and still is) a challenge for me. It takes a lot of extra time and effort, so I am always on the lookout for books and resources to motivate struggling readers. So if you’re also on the lookout for a book for kids who hate reading, look no further.

I recently found a book that I know I would have loved as a kid. The book is called I Hate Reading. It’s a lengthy, chapter-book sized story written specifically for kids who hate reading. It’s smart and funny and your kids will love it—whether they hate reading or not.

I was so intrigued by the book that I interviewed the author, Beth Bacon. In this interview, we talk about two of her books: I Hate Reading and The Book No One Wants to Read. Beth’s entertaining books are for 6–9 year old intermediate reluctant readers. She was inspired to write the first book in her Reluctant Reader Series by her two sons, Arthur and Henry, who did not like to read.

We talk about Beth’s motivation and process for writing her books as well as how to overcome a child’s reluctance to do something they are not good at (like reading) by turning it into a game.

A great reminder I took away from our conversation is that appearances matter to a child. It is important to provide larger format books at a child’s reading level. This helps prevent slower readers from feeling embarrassed in front of their peers by carrying around beginning reading material when everyone else has moved on to chapter books.

And of course we talk about how modeling reading as a parent is an important part of motivating your reluctant reader. Beth recommends a clever takeaway tip as well—if kids are going to be watching tv anyway (and they are), turn on the closed captioning so they can read the words as well as hear them. Learn all about Beth’s books and some more helpful tips in this interview: Making It Easy to Turn the Page.

 About Beth Bacon:

Beth Bacon earned an MFA in writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She also has a degree in Communication Theory from NYU and a degree in Literature from Harvard University. Beth grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and now lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Beth Bacon writes entertaining books for 6-9 year old intermediate reluctant readers. Beth was inspired to write the first book in her Reluctant Reader Series by her two sons, Arthur and Henry, who she honors as co-authors of that book.

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  1. Beth Bacon says:

    Thanks for speaking with me about reading and kids! Reading is a skill that needs to be learned. Grown ups can get on the same team as kids by using humor and empathy… with patience all kids can master the elements of reading.

    1. Don M. Winn says:

      It was a pleasure speaking with you too. How true that humor and empathy go a long way in helping the struggling reader, along with the right kind of reading instruction. Evidence-based, explicit, multisensory reading instruction benefits all kids in learning to read but is especially important for dyslexics.

  2. Love this!! I posted when I saw the book; didn’t think to ask the author for an interview. Great idea!

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