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Ready to write!

Good evening, everyone!
It’s a pleasure to be addressing you finally in person. My name is Don Winn. I am the author of a series of children’s picture books called Cardboard Box Adventures. Each book is about a different character – either human or animal – that has an adventure. Along the way they learn something important about life. The books are written in rhyme and are intended to be read aloud by parents and children.

My hope is that parents will use these books as a teaching aid to help their kids learn how to deal with problems they will encounter as they grow before they have to face these challenges. By being prepared, kids will be more confident when they face such difficulties and can make decisions that they already know they feel good about making. To help parents start discussions about topics like peer pressure, bullying, learning challenges, perseverance and many more, each book has a list of questions at the end that parents can use to help their kids start talking about what’s on their minds.


3 thoughts on “Ready to write!”

    1. It would all depend on when I’m asked what I would say my favorite book is…this morning I’m leaning toward Superhero, because it reminds me of the connection I had with my dad when I was a child.

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