Writing Contest Winners…Third Place Tie!

As promised, here are the third place winners from the third grade at Grandview Elementary. Don’t forget you can leave a nice comment for them!

Third Place Winner: Dylan Frazzell for his tall tale “The Gods’ Creation,” a new take on greek mythology. Dylan, I especially enjoyed the modern-day jobs you gave to the gods and the tall tale ending of the story.

The Gods’ Creation

I bet you’ve heard the Greek myth, but this is the original. In the middle of the universe, three gods were born. Their names were Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. When their father, Kronos saw them, he ate them. The gods grew in his stomach until Zeus broke his brothers out. When they broke out, the brothers blasted him in pieces and threw him into Tartarus, the darkest part of the Underworld. Not long after, the gods lived in LA and acted like mortals and forgot the fact that they were gods. Poseidon was a sailor, Hades was a bad guy, and Zeus was an electric engineer. But one day, they remembered that they were gods and they thought they needed a temple. Poseidon said, “I command a car,” but nothing happened. So he tried again. “I summon a flying car!” but still, nothing happened. So Poseidon called his brothers and said, “If you try to summon a vehicle, it won’t work.” So Poseidon summoned a horse, which went so fast it went faster than lightning.  Zeus said, “I summon a bolt,” and Hades said “I summon a dead army,” and they flew to Athens, Greece to build their temple, but Zeus and Poseidon wanted a sky temple and Hades wanted a temple of the dead and he would rule. Zeus and Poseidon got so mad smoke flew out of their ears. Hades got punched so hard he hit the ground and caused an earthquake and they fought so hard they actually created Mount Olympus, and they lived happily until Hades got mad again.

Third Place Winner: Ryan Banda for “Pig in the Mud.” Ryan, I really like the way you kept the fable simple and had the main character learn a lesson with the help of another character. I think the illustrations are great too! I’m not sure that this was the original title of your story, so I’m sorry if I changed it somehow.

Pig in the Mud

Once upon a time there was a big pig. He loved to have mud baths but he never shared it. Everyone kept complaining about it. There was a mouse who lived under the house. The mouse was mad because he can’t get any sleep.

He was going to talk to the pig. He went out there and said, “What was the racket out here!” he yelled.
“Well, the cat and the duck were complaining for nothing.”
The mouse said “You were not sharing and you need to share.”
“Well I don’t want to!” the pig said.
“Well try sharing,” said the mouse.

So the next day when his friends passed by he said, “Do you want to be in here with me?”

They said… “YES.” So he let them go in!

Moral: Share your things. No matter what!

I’ll publish the honorable mention winners next week…stay tuned!

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  1. These stories are so much fun and well done. I love the illustrations too. Congratulations kids!

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