Elementary! School Visits, That Is

I recently made a visit to each of the four elementary schools in Hutto, TX, where I read a short section from The Knighting of Sir Kaye, and gave an illustrated slide presentation about life in medieval times. I think all the students enjoyed it. I’ve visited most of the Hutto elementary schools before, and it was nice to see the different students again.

I had especially wanted to visit the schools in Hutto, because they use a knight theme to teach qualities such as kindness and honesty and responsibility and friendship…very similar to the medieval ideal of chivalry. Notice the knight and castle theme in the cafeteria at this school:

As I talked about knights in a historical sense, I also included a section on chivalry, and asked the audience how we can show chivalry today. The kids had lots of thoughts on that subject, as you can see from these pictures.

Some students that gave what I thought was an extra-thoughtful answer to one of my questions won special limited edition Sir Kaye posters. Others won mini-posters. Here’s a photo of the poster winners at one school.

This is the title slide of presentation I gave on medieval life. It’s projected on a screen here at the front of the school auditorium. If you like the picture, there’s a similar (but much brighter) one on my website that you can download as a free desktop wallpaper. I had it put up on my website so that any kids who didn’t win a poster but still wanted one could at least have a desktop wallpaper.

And finally, here are some students posing for the camera! Thanks for letting me come visit again! I had a great time.

I’d also like to thank the following businesses for donating a set of hardcover picture books to the four Hutto elementary school libraries: Vitamins, Etc., Beverly K. Straub, C.P.A., Oriental Medicine Associates, and Cardboard Box Adventures. Anyone who might be interested in donating a set of books to a school library or sponsoring a school visit can find more information on the donwinn.com website.

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