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Encouragement for Children with Dyslexia. Also Time Travel.

A few months ago I was reading a post by fellow blogger, Fiona, and it caught my attention. Fiona’s post is a letter to children with dyslexia explaining a little bit about what it means to cope with having dyslexia and sharing some of her personal experiences. I thought it was a very kind letter and it touched my heart.
It also got me to thinking.
I too am dyslexic, as I have mentioned before in this blog, and I had a very hard time in school as a child. Not much was known about dyslexia back then, and for me, encouraging words were few and far between.
So I started thinking about time travel. What if I could travel back in time and offer some encouraging words to myself as a child? What would I say to myself? I thought I’d share my musings in case anyone else finds them helpful as well.

Things I would tell my child self:Me as a kid!

  • Just because something may be difficult for you, doesn’t mean that you’re stupid or that you can’t do it.
  • You can accomplish practically anything that you want to accomplish, no matter how hard it may be at first.
  • Never give up
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • There is more than one way to learn something. Just because other kids do things a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to.
  • Figure out what way works best for you. It’s okay to learn something in a different way and don’t let anyone to tell you otherwise. There is no wrong way to learn something.
  • You deserve more credit, rather than less, because you are showing up every day to work extra hard in spite of difficulties with learning.
  • If you put forth the effort, you will accomplish things in your life that you wouldn’t think possible.
  • Tell yourself these things over and over again:
    I am not stupid.
    I can do it.
    I will be patient with myself.
  • As hard as it might be for you to even imagine now, someday you will love reading and writing. You will even write books of your own.
  • Don’t worry. You’ll get used to the moustache.

Next week I’ll talk a little bit more about dyslexia and some ideas that really helped and inspired me as I got a little older and more used to living with it.


3 thoughts on “Encouragement for Children with Dyslexia. Also Time Travel.”

  1. Wonderful! I had friends all through school that had Dyslexia and I never judged, though there were enough other children that did their share. Nice to be able to be inside of the head of someone that has had to deal with this disability and see what I can do to help in the future for others that I will come into contact with. I look forward to your suggestions next week. Thanks for sharing Don!
    Tammy Hopkins
    Oak Hill, Austin, TX

  2. That was a great post! It’s really encouraging to see a real life example of someone who was able to overcome their obstacle to learning. Thanks for sharing.

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