Unexpected Fan Mail

Tonight I’m posting a letter of appreciation for The Knighting of Sir Kaye that I recently received from a young reader. My previous books have all been picture books for younger readers, and although I’ve gotten some nice notes of thanks from parents, this is the first time that the readers themselves have been old enough to write to me (possibly with a little help), and it’s such a heart-warming experience.

Of course I’m thrilled that this particular reader enjoyed my story. But I am also really impressed to see what aspect of the story this reader enjoyed. It inspires me to keep on writing when I see that a young reader might notice even a relatively small detail in the story and single it out as being something meaningful to him or her. It reminds me that kids see so much more than we might realize at any given moment – whether they’re watching their parents or listening at school or even reading a book. So I just wanted to share this letter. It made me happy. Have a good night, everyone.

thank you note