The Gift of Your Time

As autumn’s quiet contemplation ushers in the busy winter season, many people have gift giving on their minds. It’s an interesting time of year—it can be positive and restful, as the earth begins her season of stillness and recharges for next spring’s growth. Or it can be hectic, even chaotic. Most of us are familiar with having lots of obligations, both personal and professional. When that sense of obligation intrudes into gift giving, it tends to take the shine off the experience. However, when gift giving is not tarnished by a sense of obligation, it can bring genuine pleasure, not just to the recipient, but even more so to the one giving. I would guess that every parent or grandparent can attest to the joy they personally feel when they see the eyes of their child or grandchild light up with excitement when presented with a gift.

I certainly loved getting gifts when I was a kid. Although I had a few favorite toys, there was no toy that gave me greater pleasure than when my mom, dad, or grandmother would spend time with me. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve spending the night at my grandmother’s when she would devote about an hour before bedtime reading with me and asking me questions from a children’s dictionary. I loved that! Not so much the children’s dictionary—rather it was having that one-on-one time with my grandmother.

Lesson: The gift of our time is the greatest gift of all.

giving the gift of timeAll CBA picture books are designed for parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, caregivers, and friends to read aloud with children. When you give a CBA book to a child, you are also giving them some of yourself as you take the time to read the books aloud together and talk about what you’ve read. Your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or student will long appreciate and remember the time you spend with them.

Each book has a fun teaching theme that parents can use to illustrate important life lessons as well as questions for discussion. For a list of topics contained in each CBA book check out the Lesson Reference Guide.

The hardcover picture books have additional creativity questions at the end that can be used to help kids to use their imaginations and “think outside the book.”

picture book selection covers montage MCAThe Sir Kaye the Boy Knight® chapter books follow the adventures of young Kaye Balfour and his best friends. This warmhearted, humorous adventure series shows how a twelve-year-old in the medieval land of Knox is knighted, becomes the most famous knight in the country, and has adventures as he strives to be a loyal and true knight.

Begin the adventure with the first book in the series, The Knighting of Sir Kaye and then follow up with the soon to be released second book in the series, The Lost Castle Treasure. Read a sneak peek of The Knighting of Sir Kaye here.

Sir Kaye the Boy Knight SeriesHere’s what some fans have said about CBA books:

From a parent about The Knighting of Sir Kaye audio book: “We sat and listened together on the edge of our seats! They absolutely loved it, as did I, and they’ve already started listening to it again! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the fact that this was a fun (and wholesome) story that was TOTALLY age appropriate for my 9-year-old son, but was still completely enjoyed by my 8-year-old daughter as well!”

From a parent who was a guest reader in her daughter’s classroom: “I have been guest reader many times and students always want to converse after the story is over. Having the questions at the end created a richer educational dialogue that I enjoyed most.”

From a grandfather who read The Tortoise and the Hairpiece with his grandson: “I was amused at the rhyming as was [my grandson]. The new word, regale, caused us to discuss the meaning. The art work is excellent. I received a studio art degree many years ago and recognize your illustrations as first rate.”

From a grandparent: “I discussed [the questions] with my granddaughter and they gave her a great opportunity to practice both listening skills (she’s learning to read) and recall of detail.”

My picture books and Sir Kaye the Boy Knight chapter books series for middle readers make great gifts and are available as softcovers, hardcovers, and eBooks from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes store, as well as your other favorite online retailers.

All Cardboard Box Adventures picture books have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

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