The Gift of a Great Story!

As we approach the end of another year, and people start thinking about gifts for their loved ones, I’m always amazed by all the new, ever-more-sophisticated toys I see advertised. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sophisticated toys…there may even be a few that I wouldn’t mind checking out. But when I think back on my childhood, it’s not the toys I remember; it’s the love of a great story—in other words, books.

How can a toy compare to having your favorite story read to you every night by a parent, or in my case, my grandmother? It’s the stories I loved as a child, the adventures I lived in my imagination, that I still think about today. What about the child in your life? There can be no greater gift you can give to your child than that of your time and of sharing great stories together.

Cardboard Box Adventures books make great gifts for even the most reluctant young readers. When you give a CBA book to a child, you are also giving them some of yourself as you take the time to read the books aloud together and talk about what you’ve read. Check out the list of available CBA books below.

The Sir Kaye Chapter Book Series


The award-winning Sir Kaye the Boy Knight® chapter books (for ages 8 and up) follow the adventures of young Kaye Balfour and his best friends. This warmhearted, humorous adventure series shows how a twelve-year-old in the medieval land of Knox is knighted, becomes the most famous knight in the country, and has adventures as he strives to be a loyal and true knight.

01-kaye-nov2016-newsletterThe Knighting of Sir Kaye (K1): Kaye Balfour and his best friend Reggie live during the Middle Ages in the fictional country of Knox. Together they have adventures, deal with bullies large and small, and try to help the inexperienced young queen start getting her damaged kingdom back on its feet.

2013 IndieReader Discovery Award
2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Silver
2013 UK Wishing Shelf Book Award Silver
2014 Storyteller’s Campfire Voyager Marble Award

“Fortitude, good will, and friendship triumph over pettiness in this enjoyable story.”—Publishers Weekly

“A fantastic, fun-filled adventure. Highly recommended.”
—The UK Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“An excellent start to a fine medieval adventure series for young children, readable and entertaining.”—IndieReader Review

02-kaye-nov2016-newsletterThe Lost Castle Treasure (K2): Between the stone walls of Knox Castle lie many secrets—some even deadly. For Kaye, the boy knight, and his young friends, Reggie and Beau, the castle, along with the young Queen Vianne, provides a new home and a promising future.

A Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal Recipient
2014 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist
2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Award Finalist
2015 Foreword Reviews IndieFab BOTY Award Finalist

“A fun, exciting adventure. Sir Kaye is a fantastic role model for kids.”—The UK Wishing Shelf Awards

“A fun and easy way to teach kids about loyalty, trust, perseverance, patience and other important life values…a definite five-star children’s story.” —Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite


Legend of the Forest Beast (K3): Kaye, Reggie, and Beau set out on a quest to find Layla’s kidnapped father.  Vanishing sheep, rumors of a mysterious beast, and one very determined girl make this an adventure of a lifetime.

A Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal Recipient
2016 Silver Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

“A cracking, fun-filled adventure. Highly recommended!” —The UK Wishing Shelf Awards Book Review

“Legend of the Forest Beast captures colorful adventures, fun characters, and inspirational thoughts in a quick and easy read for children.” —IndieReader Review


The Eldridge Conspiracy (K4): Kaye enters Eldridge alone to seek the only man who can tell him how to save his father’s life.

Look for The Eldridge Conspiracy in 2017

CBA Picture Books


CBA picture books (for ages 3-8) are designed for parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, caregivers, and friends to read aloud with children. Your child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or student will long appreciate and remember the time you spend with them.
Each book has a fun teaching theme that parents can use to illustrate important life lessons as well as questions for discussion. For a list of topics contained in each CBA book check out the Lesson Reference Guide.

“I love Cardboard Box Adventures Books because they not only teach valuable lessons, but they do so in a manner that will last throughout a lifetime.”
—Family Review Center


Space Cop Zack, Protector of the Galaxy: A young boy uses his imagination to turn his backyard playtime into an adventure across the galaxy. A great book for the adventurous child in your life! (Or the kid who has everything.)

2015 UK Wishing Shelf Book Award GOLD
Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner
Mom’s Choice Award Recipient
Family Review Center Seal of Approval

“The author does a fantastic job of capturing a little boy’s imagination…If you are looking for a funny, fun, and entertaining book for your child’s library…pick up a copy and see for yourself what a great book this is.” —Readers’ Favorite Review

9780881445145-ColorSS.inddSuperhero: In Superhero, a little boy learns who life’s real superheroes are… A tear-jerking story about the special bond between father and son.

Mom’s Choice Award Recipient
2014 Family Review Center Gold Medal
2014 Family Review Center Best of the Year
2014 Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review

“The story; a mere 15 pages long. The lessons learned by reading this story; endless and invaluable…” —Family Review Center

9780881444520-ColorSS.inddThe Tortoise and the Hairpiece: An innovative turtle learns that true friends love him for who he is inside, not what he looks like. Everyone can identify with adorable character Jake the Tortoise’s desire to be accepted by others.

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“The Tortoise and the Hairpiece is just the ticket for young children who are exploring their own identities and discovering differences…”—Midwest Book Review

9780881444964-ColorSS.inddThe Watch Cat: An ordinary cat becomes a neighborhood hero by saving his house from a burglar. A fun and unique story that will appeal to every cat lover!

  • A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“A fun, lyrical book that is easy to read, easy to follow, and as fun for the kids to read or listen to as it is read to them…” —The IE Mommy, Christine

9780881444674-ColorSS.inddThe Incredible Martin O’Shea: Martin learns that by paying attention in school, he can make his dreams come true. An enjoyable read for everyone, but especially kids with big imaginations!

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“A wonderful bedtime story that will help children to learn the necessity of imagination and education…” —The IE Mommy, Christine

9780881445121-ColorSS.inddShelby the Cat: A kind cat named Shelby resists bullying and peer pressure by staying true to what matters most to him. An engaging story that encourages young ones to stay true to themselves!

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“A story of courage and strength…Shelby doesn’t give in to the bullying and peer pressure. And best of all, his good deeds come back to him in the form of friends’ support, a wonderful reward for living a life that is generous to others.” —Nancy O. Nelson, PhD.

9781937615253_cov.inddThe Don M. Winn Cardboard Box Adventures Picture Book Collection Volume One: Four great Cardboard Box Adventures picture books in one volume!
The Tortoise and the Hairpiece
The Watch Cat
The Incredible Martin O’Shea
Shelby the Cat

9780881441888-ColorSS.inddThe Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon: An ambitious pigeon discovers that having a learning challenge can’t stop him from succeeding. An inspiring story for anyone who deals with a learning challenge!

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“The story reminds parents that while children may develop certain learning skills more slowly than others do, they are not necessarily limited for life. As Winn says in the Introduction, ‘Albert Einstein couldn’t read `til he was nine, but look what he accomplished once he did!’” —Nancy O. Nelson, PhD.

9781937615109_cov.inddTwitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge: Twitch finds out that his parents have good reasons for the rules they make. An exciting tale that shows kids the importance of following the rules.

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“A colorful illustrated teaching story about the importance of respecting parents’ rules told in jaunty, narrative verse, which helps drive further its appealing and exciting moral to a young childhood audience.” —Midwest Book Review

9780881442595-ColorSS.inddChipper the Clown: Chipper learns that in order to follow his dreams, he needs to ask for help. An encouraging story for anyone wishing to learn a new skill!

Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“A wonderful story to share with children to remind them that their dreams are valid and they should be followed…but sometimes we may have to work a wee bit harder than we expected.” —The IE Mommy, “Christine”

9781936750191-ColorSS.inddChipper and the Unicycle: after searching the world for a new act, Chipper learns the importance of perseverance. A fun story that teaches young readers the importance of determination!

A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

“This rhythmic story teaches children the benefits of trying hard and practicing to reach a goal or learn a new hobby. In today’s society, this is an important lesson to learn in a FUN story about a clown!” —Cecilie Mann Engle

9781937615277_cov.inddThe Don M. Winn Cardboard Box Adventures Picture Book Collection Volume Two: Four great Cardboard Box Adventures picture books in one volume!
The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon
Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge
Chipper the Clown
Chipper and the Unicycle

Where to Buy

The Sir Kaye chapter books and the CBA picture books are available in softcover, hardcover, and eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Amazon Canada, and Amazon UK. Select titles are also available as audio books from Audible. Up to 40% bulk discounts are available directly from the publishers. For bulk discounts on the Sir Kaye books and CBA picture books, please email Don Winn with an inquiry.