Official Release: The Eldridge Conspiracy by Don Winn

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I’m pleased to announce that The Eldridge Conspiracy (K4), the fourth and final chapter book in the Sir Kaye, the Boy Knight series, is now available from, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers.

The Sir Kaye titles are also available at significant discounts to schools, libraries, non-profits, retailers, and vendors through Cardboard Box Adventures Publishing. or Ingram/LSI.

So what can you look forward to with book 4 in the Sir Kaye series? To answer that question I’ve included the official K4 press release and several early release reviews below.

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Superheroes have the power to influence and shape a child’s morals. They have the ability to develop a child’s imagination through fantasy lands and magic. But what happens when fictional heroes have no superpowers at all?

Knight-joustingIn The Eldridge Conspiracy (Available June 16, 2017), the fourth and final book in the award-winning Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series, twelve-year-old knight Kaye Balfour and his friends Reggie and Beau have their biggest adventure yet. Together, they travel to the kingdom of Eldridge to save Kaye’s absent father’s life and stop an evil baron from taking the throne from the rightful king. However, unlike most modern heroes, these boys face their obstacles without the help of superpowers.

The Eldridge Conspiracy has plenty of silly fun, while also demonstrating important personal growth. The non-stop adventure is packed full of mysterious clues, battling knights, and physical hurdles. Along the way, the young heroes learn the importance of humility, self-acceptance, and forgiveness, and that they can make their mark on the world in their own unique way, without needing to slavishly imitate anyone else.

“The Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series is a fun group of stories set in a fictional medieval world where the heroes learn to make good choices and practice self-reliance in challenging situations without superpowers or magic. The boys are likable and interact with kindness, respect, and lots of fun as they try to do the right thing. Loyalty and friendship always save the day as Kaye, Reggie, and Beau experience amazing adventures and hair-raising escapes from danger,” Winn says.

The Eldridge Conspiracy is a coming of age book filled with adventure, mystery, and suspense, and addresses multiple themes throughout, such as:

  • 4x6postcardThe importance of loyalty and friendships
  • Putting aside your pride to help others
  • Being anything you want to be in life
  • And much more!

Early Reviews

“This set of books just gets better and better. Yes, it’s a non-stop adventure, packed full of nasty barons and battling knights. But it’s also a story which is strongly-themed and where the bond between the characters is highly prized.”

The Wishing Shelf Awards Book Review

“This is more than just a fictional story; it teaches children about life, about friendship, making decisions, and about not putting too much stock in pride all the time—sometimes pride gets in the way of making the right decision. Great story. I would recommend that the whole series be read in order to get the most out of it and I think all kids will enjoy this tale.”

—Ann-Marie Reynolds 5-Star Review for Readers’ Favorite

“Books of adventure and challenge that still offer an emotional component are hard to come by for middle-grade readers—and even more so for middle-grade boys—yet Don M. Winn hits the mark dead center with The Eldridge Conspiracy.”

Patricia Reding 5-Star Review for Readers’ Favorite

“This Sir Kaye the Boy Knight book has all the checkmarks for a great children’s book: a strong hero, a thoroughly exciting adventure, a light, accessible writing style and even a strong moral to keep parents happy! It’s a story with adventure but it’s not full of war and blood and it will easily keep a 7-10-year-old boy thoroughly absorbed. Instead of all the war and blood, the author seems to focus much more on helping his readers learn about the characters and want to be like them by following their morally strong examples. We are HUGE fans of this book and would highly recommend it to any family. It is the perfect fit for any child’s summer reading list!”

“What a great conclusion to this amazing series. My grandsons LOVE this series and hate to see it end. We are anxiously waiting for the next series from this amazing author.” 

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