GARG’s Secret Mission by Don M. Winn Wins Silver Medal!

I’m happy to announce that GARG’s Secret Mission, the second Space Cop Zack picture book, has won the silver medal in the 2017 Wishing Shelf Book Awards!

To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy of the both Zack books: Space Cop Zack, Defender of the Galaxy, and Space Cop Zack, GARG’s Secret Mission. To enter the drawing, sign up for the Don Winn Author Newsletter (Fill out your name and email address in the right-hand column of the contact page on my website. The newsletter is only issued once every two months, so don’t worry about getting too much extra email by signing up.). All new subscribers will be entered in the drawing and the winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

wishing shelf silver medal garg

What’s the story about?

GARG’s Secret Mission is jam-packed with adventures, space monsters, and narrow escapes! Here’s the plot: The notorious General Electric has captured Space Princess Dendra! GARG the robot goes on a secret mission to rescue her, but when Mission Control loses contact with GARG, Space Cop Zack must search for him in the Windy Cavern of Doom. Will Zack find GARG and help rescue the princess before it’s too late? Will Zack finally defeat General Electric? It all depends on your imagination.

zack aloneMeet Zack—the ever-resourceful, eternally optimistic space adventurer, captain, and commander!garg alone

Meet GARG—Zack’s robot sidekick equipped with gadgets galore! He’s adaptable, reliable, and also extremely polite.


Meet Space Princess Dendra—she’s droopy (she can’t help it) but very general electricknowledgeable!

Meet General Electric—the dark power behind the Windy Cavern of Doom!

And more monsters than ever—including Cavern Scavengers, Electrostatic Dwarf Eels, The Giant Fringed Ameba, an astonishing lizard-creature, and the fearsome Strangulation Worms of Zargos 7!

GARG header image

The Perfect Book for Any Reluctant Reader

GARG’s Secret Mission was released in the spring of 2017. At the time, the Wishing Shelf Book Review gave it a big thumbs up, calling it,  “A fantastically fun sci-fi romp…the perfect book for any reluctant boy reader.”

Since then, the book was submitted to the Wishing Shelf Book Awards distinguished panels of judges. What makes these judges so special? They are kids, which is great, because the Wishing Shelf Book Awards also provides feedback from the judges, so authors can get a sense of how their intended audience responds to the book.

garg and dino

I’m so happy to say that the feedback has been incredibly positive. Here are a few of the reviews from children, teachers, and parents:

tennis GARG“I liked the drawings a lot. They were fun. The story was fun too.” —Girl, age 6

“Very sweet book. Fantastic illustrations and a strong story.” —Parent of twin girls

“Any boy would love this exciting, illustrated adventure. Tons happening from the very start with a thrilling ending.” —Primary teacher, age 35

“This book covers a number of interesting and very relevant topics which will stimulate a discussion between adult and child.” —Primary teacher, age 41

“The pics were really, REALLY good!!!” —Boy, aged 7

“GARG is cool. I wish I had a robot like that.” —Boy, age 6

The final verdict?

“Packed full of excitement! A SILVER MEDAL WINNER and highly recommended.”

—The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Check out Space Cop Zack, Defender of the Galaxy, and Space Cop Zack, GARG’s Secret Mission for amazing adventures that encourage kids to cultivate the astounding power of imagination. Visit the picture books page and watch the video below for more information.


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