Things to Do Today: Breathe In, Breathe Out

I’ll keep this brief. For many of us, this may be one of the most hectic times of the year. The busier we get, the easier it is to lose track of the things that really matter—time with our loved ones, our health, the gift of life. It can help to have tools to get re-centered, grounded, calmed, and focused. I have several that I utilize, but one of the most beautiful is a real-time map of the wind patterns in the USA.

Wind Map of the USA

Wind Map of the planet

Watching these patterns mesmerizes me, reminds me to breathe deeply to connect my environment and my body, and that there is a whole level of energy out there, ever-present, unseen, ancient, timeless. The wind never says, “I don’t have enough time.” It can be gentle, relentless, attention-getting, or even fearsome, but it is a constant in our lives. As a driving force in our atmosphere, it fuels the mutual respirations of all life forms, connecting us with one another. “You are not alone,” says the wind.

Girl with long blong hair facing away from viewer stands in wheatfield with industrial windmills in the background, holding a spinning blue pinwheel in her hand.

So today, right now if you’d like, take a deep breath or two. See what the patterns of the wind look like right this minute in the location where you currently are or even where people you care about live, and then feel how connected you are together by the breath of life. There will be enough time, and you are not alone.

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