Dyslexia: The Needed Revolution

Press play to listen to the audio recording of the introduction to this interview. For the full interview, please watch the video below.

Dyslexia: The Needed Revolution is a video interview with Stephen Straus, co-founder and board chair of the organization Impact Dyslexia. In this interview, you will learn about:

  • The work Impact Dyslexia is doing to promote early dyslexia diagnosis
  • The changes that need to happen on the educational side of the equation
  • How you can help

My favorite takeaway from the Dyslexia: The Needed Revolution interview with Stephen Straus is how he emphasizes the profound need for parents to understand their dyslexic child’s emotional needs. Parents have to know what’s coming, so they can help their child cope with his or her needs and reactions. Without informed emotional support, no dyslexic children can reach their potential.

Additionally, it’s astounding that 140 years after dyslexia was first identified, there is almost a complete lack of awareness of dyslexia. There are also countless misconceptions that exist about the condition. Parents have to know that their dyslexic child is living with feelings of failure, stigma, and shame. Why? Because of the endless barrage of negative messages a child with dyslexia receives at school, in the home, and in the child’s own internal dialog.

Most kids with undiagnosed dyslexia know there’s something wrong. They can see that although they’re working really hard, they aren’t learning or performing like their classmates. They can’t keep up and they don’t know why. But Straus and his team at Impact Dyslexia hope to reduce the quiet desperation of children with undiagnosed, unsupported dyslexia, one child at a time.

About Impact Dyslexia: Impact Dyslexia is a group of committed and successful dyslexics, parents of dyslexics, and educational leaders. Their goal is to create bold solutions to the dyslexia crisis and empower the gift of dyslexia. https://impactdyslexia.org/

A ten-year-old child stands in front of a building that looks like a government building holding a hand-lettered sign that says, "I have special needs." Dyslexia: The Needed Revolution is a video interview with Stephen Straus of Impact Dyslexia, which works to improve the lives of students with dyslexia.

You can also view the Dyslexia: The Needed Revolution video interview with Stephen Straus on YouTube.

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