Effective Reading Instruction Experiences

photograph of shelves in a bookstore with a ladder in front of them. Effective reading instruction experiences can change the lives of kids who struggle with reading, filling them with confidence and hope.

We hear so much about the importance of proper reading instruction—not just for children with dyslexia, but for all children. So I wanted to share this great interview that relates the benefits of effective reading instruction experiences.


Well, one of my favorite educational experts and authors, Faith Borkowsky, recently said, “We have to begin to showcase the damage inflicted on so many kids by the existing philosophy [of reading instruction] and how their lives have been changed by reading intervention that is explicit, systematic, cumulative, and structured.”

We need to hear more stories of the wonderful results struggling readers have obtained when they receive structured, explicit reading intervention. We need to know how their lives are suddenly filled with confidence and hope once they begin to understand the mechanics of reading after having been properly instructed.

In her blog “Facts Tell, Stories Sell: Teach My Kid to Read,” Faith shares her interview with a husband and wife—both of whom are educators—whose son was struggling despite school accommodations. See how effective reading instruction experiences changed all their lives. The first link below will take you to Faith’s blog, with written highlights of the experience. The second link is a recording of the Facebook Live interview.

Faith Borkowsky is a Reading and Learning Specialist, Regional Literacy Coach, and a Certified Wilson and IDA Dyslexia Practitioner. She is also the founder of High Five Literacy and Academic Coaching.

Wherever you and your family are in your dyslexia experience, don’t miss the award-winning books Raising a Child With Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know, by Don M. Winn, and Failing Students or Failing Schools? A Parent’s Guide to Reading Instruction and Intervention, by reading specialist Faith Borkowsky.

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