There’s a Monkey in My Backpack!

Dyslexia Picture Book: There's a Monkey in My Backpack!

by Don M. Winn
illustrated by Dave Allred

Parents and educators can explain dyslexia to kids with the picture book, There’s a Monkey in My Backpack! It can help young dyslexic learners take a more positive, big-picture view of their situations, or it can help non-dyslexic students come to a better, more compassionate understanding of what their dyslexic classmates experience in school.

This book is only available as a hardcover or e-book.

cover of dyslexia picture book There's a Monkey in My Backpack! by Don M. Winn.
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This is the story of Anna, a third-grade student who has an unusual companion—a monkey in her backpack! Not everyone can see him, but he causes a lot of trouble for Anna by mixing up her spelling letters, distracting her in class, and making it hard for her to keep up with the other kids. He causes so many problems for her that Anna wonders if she will ever make it to the end of third grade with the other children. But she learns that her troublesome monkey companion can also be a big help to her if she lets herself understand, accept, and appreciate her unique situation.

This dyslexia picture book is designed for parents and educators to read with their dyslexic children and students to help them understand both the troubles and benefits that accompany dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Reading and discussing this book together will encourage children to vocalize their own feelings about having a learning difference. Discussion questions at the end of the book will help facilitate conversations with children and students.

  • A 2019 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite Book

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“Written with a gold-tipped pen! A wonderfully fun and clever way for a dyslexic child to understand why learning can be difficult.”
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