The Incredible Martin O’Shea

Picture Book about Daydreaming: The Incredible Martin O'Shea

by Don M. Winn
illustrated by Toby Hefflin

The picture book The Incredible Martin O’Shea by Don Winn shows kids how daydreaming in school can sometimes have bad results . . . but that paying attention in school is the key to making those dreams come true, whether a child dreams of becoming an explorer, a scientist, a pilot, a detective, or anything else. Questions at the end of the story allow parents to encourage children to open up and share their thoughts on the subject and other related topics.

This book is available as a softcover, hardcover, or e-book.

cover of the picture book about daydreaming The Incredible Martin O'Shea by Don M. Winn
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The Incredible Martin O'Shea is the story of a first-grader with a great imagination. He finds his daydreams so interesting that he doesn't pay attention in school. His grades fall, and his parents are not happy about it. Then a visitor to his class says something that changes his life. Martin learns that education can help him make his dreams reality, and that imagination plus learning can lead to real life adventures.

This picture book about daydreaming can be used to teach that imagination is a wonderful gift if you use it freely . . . at the right times and in the right places . . . and that by paying attention in school, you can learn things that can help make your daydreams come true.

  • A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

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“A wonderful story that will help children learn the necessity of imagination and education. At the back of the story was a list of six great questions that will help parents and children interact and further understanding how learning can be a wonderful partner to dreaming.”
The IE Mommy Christine
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