Chipper and the Unicycle

Picture Book about Perseverance: Chipper and the Unicycle

by Don M. Winn
illustrated by Dave Allred

In this picture book about perseverance by Don M. Winn, Chipper the Clown is back in Chipper and the Unicycle. This time, Chipper is searching the world for a new act and discovers the unicycle! But it’s a lot harder to learn to ride a unicycle than he thought. Chipper learns that it takes a lot of hard work and practice to learn a new skill and that everyone fails at first.

This book is available as a softcover, hardcover, or e-book.

Cover of the award-winning picture book Chipper and the Unicycle by Don M. Winn
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In this sequel to Chipper the Clown, Chipper travels the world in search of a new act to keep the crowds entertained . . . a unicycle seems like just the thing! How hard could it be since he already can ride a bicycle? After only one day of trying, Chipper takes the unicycle back to the store in frustration. He learns that you have to work long and hard to make something look easy. In the end, Chipper understands that some pursuits take time and effort to master and learns the importance of perseverance.

Chipper and the Unicycle by Don M. Winn can be used to demonstrate to children that it’s important to try new things and that it’s okay to fail. Failing is not the end. We just need to pick ourselves up and keep trying while being patient with ourselves and not expecting perfection when learning something new.

  • A Mom’s Choice Award Recipient

Download fun coloring sheets to accompany the picture book about developing perseverance, Chipper and the Unicycle.

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“This rhythmic story teaches children the benefits of trying hard and practicing to reach a goal or learn a new hobby. In today's society, this is an important lesson to learn in a fun story.”
Cecilie Mann Engle
Book Review