Mystery of the King’s Shadow

Mystery of the King's Shadow

A Sir Kaye and Friends Story
by Don M. Winn

The Sir Kaye and Friends books by Don M. Winn are short chapter books for newly independent readers. These standalone books follow the further adventures of beloved characters from the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series, but they can be enjoyed without reading the Sir Kaye series first. Mystery of the King’s Shadow is only available as an e-book. Look for more Sir Kaye and Friends books soon.

100 pages

Cover of the short adventure chapter book Mystery of the King's Shadow by Don M. Winn
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A family mystery may be the key to finding a long-lost treasure . . .

Reggie has problems. His friends are mean to him. His aunt and cousin won’t speak to him or his parents—and it’s all his fault. His father wants him to learn to read, but he just can’t seem to do it. Then he makes a huge mistake and gets thrown out of school.

Reggie hides this from his father with the help of a reading tutor named Brin, who knows about a treasure that might be hidden inside Reggie’s own house! With his new friend, a new way of learning that actually seems to work, and a treasure to find, Reggie is finally living the adventurous life he’s always wanted . . . or is he?

When two scary strangers come to town, Reggie has to solve the mystery in a hurry, before his family is broken apart forever.