Mystery of the White Knight

Mystery of the White Knight

A Sir Kaye and Friends Story
by Don M. Winn

The Sir Kaye and Friends books by Don M. Winn are short chapter books for newly independent readers. These standalone books follow the further adventures of beloved characters from the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series, but they can be enjoyed without reading the Sir Kaye series first. Mystery of the White Knight is only available as an e-book or an audiobook. Look for more Sir Kaye and Friends books soon.

44 pages

Cover of the short adventure chapter book Mystery of the White Knight by Don M. Winn
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One little boy knows a secret that could save the kingdom of Knox . . .

Fourteen-year-old Beau is lonely. He has just moved to the country of Knox with his aunt, the soon-to-be-crowned queen. Then he finds a funny little boy named Bobbin who says he escaped from the White Knight, a villain who has been making trouble throughout Knox.

Then Bobbin disappears and Beau discovers that his aunt’s royal ring is also missing—the ring she needs in order to be crowned queen. While searching for Bobbin and the ring, Beau uncovers a sinister plot to steal the throne from his aunt.

When Bobbin leads Beau to discover the power behind the White Knight, he puts both their lives in danger, and Beau must overcome his fears in order to protect Bobbin, himself, and the kingdom.