Thoughtful Gifts for Kids

Forgive me, but since almost everyone has gift-giving on their minds lately, I thought I’d just take a minute to encourage people to consider making a gift of some Cardboard Box Adventures books to the kids in their lives.

Some excited Cardboard Box Adventures fans!

CBA books are not just a great gift idea because they are nice books that you can give to a child you care about, but they are a great gift idea because when you give a CBA book to a child, you are also giving them some of yourself when you take the time to read the books aloud together and talk about what you’ve read. Your child or niece or nephew or grandchild will appreciate the time you can spend with them reading CBA books. The questions are there at the end, waiting to help you start great conversations about the stories.

If you don’t live near the special children in your life, think about buying some CBA books for yourself, to have ready for the times when you do get to see them. They will always remember that you gave the gift of yourself and your time and your attention to them.

They also make great gifts for teachers.

Here’s what some fans have said about CBA books:

From a parent who was a guest reader in her daughter’s classroom: “I have been guest reader many times and students always want to converse after the story is over. Having the questions at the end created a richer educational dialogue that I enjoyed most.”

From a grandparent: “Thank you again for autographing your wonderful book The Tortoise and the Hairpiece at the Austin Texas Book Festival. I sent my granddaughter a feather headdress for her own turtle for Halloween and she loves her book!”

From a grandfather who read The Tortoise and the Hairpiece with his grandson: “I was amused at the rhyming as was [my grandson]. The new word, regale, caused us to discuss the meaning. The art work is excellent. I received a studio art degree many years ago and recognize your illustrations as first rate.”

WatchCat at the Laundromat!

From a parent: “We just love your books. My son brought his copies to school to share with his class! I look forward to getting your whole collection.”

From a grandparent: “I discussed [the questions] with my granddaughter and they gave her a great opportunity to practice both listening skills (she’s learning to read) and recall of detail.”


From a parent: “My daughter enjoys reading Shelby the Cat.  She gained deeper understanding by answering the questions.”

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CBA books are available as softcover books and eBooks from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers. eBooks are also available from the iTunes bookstore and the Sony Reader store. Interactive versions of the Tortoise and the Hairpiece and The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon are available from InteractBooks in the iTunes App Store. The InteractBooks app is free and you can purchase the books from within the app.