Hooray! Hooray! We did it!

It’s official! As of this morning, thanks to you all, CBA has officially received 277 votes! Congratulations to everybody, you put us over the top! We are now officially in the running for this grant. We couldn’t have done it without you, and you all deserve a great big THANK YOU!

And maybe even an eHug or two!

Thank you for voting and for passing the info along to your friends and family and for encouraging them to vote too. Your support and good wishes mean so much to me and to everyone here at CBA.

I will probably find out the results of the grant competition in September, so I will let you know how things turn out.  I really hope we’ll have great news to share with you then! But even if we don’t receive a grant, I’ll still have some other exciting news this September, so stick around! There are big things brewing over here at CBA.

If you’d still like to vote, please go ahead and do so. Voting continues through June 30th. Voting instructions can be found in previous posts. And again, thank you!