A Harmonious Visit

don speakingLast week I visited the Harmony School of Science to give a reading and presentation about The Knighting of Sir Kaye and about life during the Middle Ages. I always enjoy visiting the Harmony School of Science—they’ve been so supportive and helpful from the very beginning when I first started visiting schools. This visit was no exception. And yes, the funny-looking guy with a moustache in the picture to the right is me.
I only put that in here because I like the colorful background. Why was it so colorful?
Well, the cafeteria was looking particularly festive the day of my visit because the students and teachers had decorated it for their Luau Dance that evening. It looked really cool with all the silhouetted dancers on the walls with a nice beach scene behind them. Here’s a picture:

With the help of the school librarian, some of the teachers, and the principal, we held the first ever Ask Don contest, where students could each submit one interview question for me during the week before my visit. Then the teachers chose the top ten questions and sent them on to me. From this list, I chose the three questions I liked best as the prize-winning questions.

During my visit, after I did my historical presentation and read a short selection from my book, it was time for Q&A. Each student who submitted one of the top ten questions got to ask his or her question in person. All of them received a poster, and the top three questioners were each able to choose one of my books as part of their prize.
It was a lot of fun, and the students came up with some really good questions. I actually learned a little bit about myself by thinking about their questions. And I was impressed by that. I’ve been around for a while, and so I thought I knew myself pretty well. Guess I was wrong. Check back here in the coming weeks to see the top ten interview questions from Harmony School of Science students and my replies. Also, since it’s not fair for me to be the only one answering questions, I’ll be posting an interview with a student as well.