Children’s Book The Knighting of Sir Kaye Wins A 2013 IRDA!

IRDA award announcementI am thrilled to announce that my first chapter book, The Knighting of Sir Kaye (by Don M. Winn), has won the 2013 Indie Reader Discovery Award in the Children’s Category!

This was announced Saturday, June 1, 2013 at Book Expo America in New York, so the announcement should be visible any minute now at but in the meantime, the Indie Reader review had lots of good things to say about the book…read the extract below, or read the full Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner The Knighting of Sir Kaye Review.

“Sir Kaye, The Boy Knight is really an excellent start to what promises to be a fine medieval adventure series for young children, readable and entertaining…This is a lively and adventurous kids’ book, full of gentle humor and warmth. The boys are appealingly human and, well, boyish, with the beginnings of real nobility and honor but by no means over-idealized…The adventures are neither dull nor too scary for the young reader, and the plot is cheerful, lively and entertaining…The writing is clear, smooth, and well-edited, as a children’s book ought to be…there are clever and bright touches throughout…”

Forty years ago when I was a young dyslexic student, I never dreamed of someday being able to write. I certainly never imagined that anything I wrote would resonate with other human beings. I am truly energized and invigorated by the meaningful connections that I am developing with my reading audience.

It’s such a delightful privilege to win this Indie Reader Discovery Award, and I am very grateful to the judges who recognized my work. I look forward to interacting with my future readers.

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