Suffering from Nature-Deficit Disorder?

Do you make a regular effort to spend time outside enjoying nature with your children?


Your kids need your example in this area because they may not have the habit of turning to nature for refreshment and rejuvenation. There has never been a generation raised with such an abundance of technological options for play and entertainment: pads, pods, tablets, phones, e-games, computers, and much more. Even when going for a ride in the car, kids can watch their favorite DVDs instead of looking out the window at the scenery.


Some children may also have limited opportunities to play outdoors because of safety concerns.


As a result, many kids today suffer from Nature-Deficit Disorder, a term coined by author Richard Louv.


The solution? Spend a little time outdoors together. Summer is a great time to get outside with the kids, but for parents who are forced to exist in a techno-centric world for professional purposes it may be difficult to know where to start.


Need some great, affordable ideas to get your children away from technology and outdoors? Look no further. Tiffany of the blog Mommy Goes Green has compiled a great list of resources to help you get the ball rolling. Literally. 



family hike


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