Our Words Can Heal and Encourage

I’ve been working on a presentation for educators about working with dyslexic kids and other students who struggle academically. It’s brought back so many memories of my own struggles with reading and writing and recalled my childhood fears that I was far different (and less than) my fellow students. That’s why a recent blog from Hands Free Mama resonated with me so much.

Her conversation with her young daughter started because her daughter was feeling different and unusual, and wondered if she was ok. Whether someone has learning challenges or not, the feeling of different-ness can strike any child at any time, and it’s wonderful when a loving parent can step in and reassure a child of his or her value.

Hands Free Mama’s interaction with her daughter sets a beautiful example of how words can heal and encourage even the most vulnerable young ones. Check out http://www.handsfreemama.com/2014/04/29/children-who-shine-from-within/

Please enjoy!

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