The Making of The Lost Castle Treasure Part 1

02 Kaye cover largeTwo years in the making, my second middle-grade children’s novel, Sir Kaye the Boy Knight Book 2: The Lost Castle Treasure, is now being prepped for release. In an upcoming blog I’ll provide a special sneak peek of the book but first I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who assisted me with my medieval research. In addition to striving for fun books, I want my books to be fairly accurate and instructive as well. Since the books are set in a fictional medieval country, they may not be 100% historically accurate, but I did strive to create an authentic medieval atmosphere, and I couldn’t have done it alone. If you’ve missed any of my posts on background research, don’t worry— all the links are consolidated below. Enjoy!

Transportation in Medieval Times
Special thanks go to Alex Cord for his generous support of the first Sir Kaye book, The Knighting of Sir Kaye, and to Susannah Cord for her insightful answers to questions about horse and human interaction. Thanks Alex and Susannah!

Medieval Horses
Susannah Cord on Horse and Human Interaction

Falconry in Medieval Times
Out of all my research topics the one I enjoyed the most was when I was able to get away from my desk to have an actual semi-medieval experience. That opportunity was afforded to me when I spent a day with Texas Falconer Lynne Holder and her Harris Hawk, Dart. It was a wonderful adventure and we got lots of great pictures. If you haven’t checked out the falconry blogs here are the links. Thanks Lynne for a fantastic day!

Falconry Part 1—Medieval and Modern Falconry
Falconry Part 2—My Day with Dart
Falconry Part 3—Interview with Lynne Holder, Texas Falconer

Storytelling in Medieval Times
The nature of stories and storytelling has changed over the years, and I’d like to thank Garrison Martt for sharing his insights on stories, storytelling, and libraries in medieval times. Thanks Garrison!

Saturday Morning Cartoons and Generations of Story Lovers
Medieval Storytelling: The Spoken Word
Medieval Storytelling: Books and Libraries

Castles in Medieval Times
Medieval research would not be complete without exploring medieval castles. In fact, the castle is one of the main characters in The Lost Castle Treasure. I’d like to thank Bob Lawson, the Curator of the Ferniehirst Castle in Scotland, for his encouraging support of the first Sir Kaye book and for answering all my castle questions for me. Thanks Bob!

Medieval Castles Part 1: Protection From Marauders
Medieval Castles—Interview with Bob Lawson, Curator of Ferniehirst Castle in Scotland

Food in Medieval Times
Although most of my medieval food research came from resource material, I have to posthumously thank my grandfather and both my parents for the culinary heritage that gave me the confidence to delve into my own medieval cookery experiment. My family foodie history stood me in good stead here.

Writing, Food, and Family History
Medieval Food Facts for Kids
Medieval Cookery Experiment

Music in Medieval Times
I can’t even begin to imagine a generation that didn’t create music of some sort, and music is certainly a feature in The Lost Castle Treasure. I’d like to thank musician, lutenist, and medieval music enthusiast Ron Braley for helping me out on this score and answering all my music-related questions. Thanks Ron!

Lute Music During the Middle Ages—Interview with Ron Braley

Medicine in Medieval Times
When active kids meet the outdoors, there’s a need for first aid in any generation. I’d like to thank acupuncturist and medieval history buff Kathy Kerr for helping research medicine and first aid in medieval times. Kaye and Reggie are most appreciative too. Thanks Kathy!

Medieval Medicine and First Aid

And finally, although we didn’t do an official interview or post a blog on this topic, a big thanks goes to Dr. David Ciambrone for his helpful information about medieval poisons and poisoning techniques. To learn why I sought his guidance, you’ll have to read the The Lost Castle Treasure!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these medieval research blogs. Part 2 of The Making of The Lost Castle Treasure will give you a preview and a little medieval history as it relates to the terrific Lost Castle Treasure illustrations by artist Dave Allred. Part 3 will offer a sneak peak at the book that you won’t want to miss.