Superhero: Then and Now

dadme3Who is your hero? Depending on your age and circumstance the answer could vary widely from a fictional story book character that becomes an imaginary hero to someone in real life that touched you personally in a meaningful way. In the introduction to my picture book Superhero, I stated that most of the time, the ordinary people doing ordinary things to help us are the most important people in our lives. And with this idea of a hero in mind, I can’t think of a greater hero than a loving parent.

This is the time of year when many people show appreciation for their dad on a special day. Although my dad passed away many years ago, thoughts of him and what he meant to me stay with me year-round.

I have many great memories of my time with dad, but the most poignant ones are of the scary times when I needed reassurance. At those moments, my dad was my true hero. Whenever I was frightened or in over my head for any reason, I knew that I could call on my dad and he would be there for me.

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I wrote Superhero in remembrance of my dad. He was always my superhero. In this book I pay tribute to my love for him, and hope to remind all parents that taking the time to reassure your children through their fears and insecurities will create a bond with them that lasts their whole lives.

So if you know a boy whose dad is his hero—or a girl who thinks the world of her dad—check out my book Superhero and share it with them.

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“With this story, [children] will realize that anyone can be a hero, not just men in capes. By helping someone in need, you become a hero.” Family Review Center